1052 Curve Crest Blvd • Stillwater, MN 55082

Vascudyne – Developing, manufacturing and commercializing regenerative acellular in-vitro grown “allograft” tissue

Mission and Objectives

Developing scientifically driven solutions:

Vascudyne is the world's leading center of excellence for developing and manufacturing engineered tissue. We provide our clients with world class engineered tissue, unique engineered tissue based device designs, manufacturing capabilities, technical expertise, and product development support.

Advantages of Vascudyne Engineered Tissue:

Chemical Properties:

  • Naturally derived extracellular matrix
  • Ready to use off-the shelf allograft, without needing chemical fixation
  • No synthetic materials used through entire manufacturing process
  • Acellular

Mechanical Properties:

  • Resembles and feels like a natural tissue
  • High suture retention, capable of sewing into valve frames
  • Predictable anisotropic tensile properties - more consistent vs. fixed pericardium 
  • High burst strength exceeding native arteries

In-Vivo Performance:

  • Pivotal preclinical study in baboons shows successful AV graft implants out to 6 months.
  • Significant cellular infiltration and positive remodeling
  • Available off-the-shelf, no preconditioning needed
  • Non-Immunogenic
  • Non-calcific

Core Competencies

  • Engineered tissue supply
  • New product concepts
  • Stent and valve design and manufacturing
  • Delivery system design and manufacturing
  • Ex-vivo and preclinical in-vivo evaluations
  • Product development execution